Outrageous Sandwiches

Includes “1” aside…Fresh Fruit, Kale Quinoa Salad, Zucchini Bread, or Baguette & Butter

Baja Chicken Club

Focaccia filled with Rotisserie Chicken, Romaine, Tomato, Bacon, Avocado, Asiago Chipotle Cream Cheese

Tuna Laguna

Premium White Albacore on Squaw with Avocado, Lettuce & Tomato, Light Mayonnaise

Kansas City Stack

Angus Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Sweet Red Onions, Romaine, Artisan Sourdough, Horseradish Aioli Spread

Big Mouth Hoagie

Shaved Ham, Salami, Turkey with Provolone Cheese, Mild Yellow Peppers, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion and Italian Dressing

Flyin’ Hawaiian

Glazed Ham with Grilled Pineapple, Crisp Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Mango Chutney, Honey Mustard Spread on Multi-grain Wheat Bread

Turkey Monterrey

Roasted Turkey, Avocado, Tomato, Lettuce, Sweet Red Onions, Low-fat Ranch Cream Cheese on Artisan White

Torta Rustica

Layers of Turkey Breast, Provolone Cheese, Sautéed Spinach, Roasted Red Peppers, Fresh Basil Pesto on Focaccia

Caprese Sandwich

Mozzarella, Sliced Tomato, Cucumber, Fresh Basil Pesto, & Romaine on Focaccia

Build Your Own

Select (1) Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Salami, Tuna or Egg Salad
Your choice of:
• Multigrain Wheat, White, Sourdough, or Baguette
• Cheddar, Provolone or Pepper Jack Cheese
• Mustard, Mayonnaise, Tomato, Lettuce

Grilled Panini & Hot Sandwiches

Includes “1” aside…Fresh Fruit, Kale Quinoa Salad, Zucchini Bread, or Baguette & Butter


Dutch Crunch

Ham, Gouda Cheese, Sliced Apple, Red Onion, Honey Mustard on Squaw Bread

Le Pièrre

Smoked Turkey, Melted Brie, Bacon, Arugala, Blackberry Preserve on French White Bread

Veggie Portobello Cheesesteak

Sliced Portobello Mushroom, Roasted Red Pepper, Sun Dried Tomato, Sautéed Spinach, Melted Provolone on Hoagie Roll

The California Panini

Rotisserie Chicken, Avocado, Bacon, Tomato, Swiss Cheese on Sourdough

3 Cheese Louise Melt

Cheddar, Provolone, Gouda & Roma Tomatoes with Ranch Cream Cheese on Sourdough

Our Best Salads

Includes “1” aside…Fresh Fruit, Kale Quinoa Salad, Zucchini Bread, or Baguette & Butter

Strawberry Spinach Toss

Baby Spinach, Pulled Rotisserie Chicken, Sliced Strawberries, Sesame Honey Poppyseed Vinaigrette

Apple Walnut

Baby Spinach, Chicken, Green Apple, Maple Glazed Walnuts, Avocado, Cranberries, Mandarin Orange, Feta Cheese, Honey Walnut Dressing

Mesquite Grilled Iceberg Cobb Salad

Grilled Iceberg Wedge, Rotisserie Chicken, Bacon, Tomato, Avocado, Chopped Eggs, Gorgonzola Cheese, Ranch Dressing

Hong Kong Chicken Salad

Romaine, Chicken Breast, Crunchy Won Tons, Asian Veggies, Cashews, Mandarin Oranges, ShiitakesGinger Soy Dressing

Lemon-Zested Greek Salad

Grilled Iceberg,  & Romaine, Lemon Dressing, Roasted Chicken, Beets, Tomato, Cucumber, Mild Yellow Peppers, Kalamata Olives, Red Onions and Feta Cheese

Miso Salmon

Baby Spinach & Grilled Iceberg, Smoked Salmon, Miso Vinaigrette, Edamame, Almonds, Cranberries, Dates & Radish

Smoked Salmon

Mixed Greens, Scottish Salmon, Sun Dried Tomato, Red Onion, Kalamata Olives, Avocado, Cucumber, Goat Cheese, Capers, Lemon Dressing

Stay-Fit Salad

A Trio Salad of Egg, Tuna, Pulled Chicken Breast, Set on Romaine Leaves, Carrot Sticks, Cucumber, Tomato and Beets, Side of Fat-free Italian

Classic Chicken Caesar

Romaine Leaves, Rotisserie Chicken Breast, House Made Croutons, Tomato, Shaved Parmesan

Cafe Rose Classic Salad

Mixed Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Oven Roasted Shiitake, Croutons, Choice of Dressing: Ranch, Bleu Cheese White Balsamic, Fat Free Italian, Ginger Soy
Add Chicken, Tuna, Egg Salad or Mozzarella for $2.50, Add Salmon for $3.25

* Prices and menu items subject to change without notice. Some items are available in limited quantity or are available on a first come, first served basis.Last updated Jan. 2019